"After Pluto" pilot has been recognized by multiple film festivals

Just as best selling author Truman Welles settles on the next chapter of her life, a tragic accident strips 10 years from her memory, forcing a universal rewrite.

Table read for After Pluto pilot
A group shot outside "Truman and Ian's House" after the table read! So exciting to hear the script out loud!
Truman and Ian's House
Conference Room A at Justin Stint's office
The cast (Butch Klein, Tiffany Commons, Christopher Carver, and Lane Allison) take a selfie break while cooling off between shots.
Our Justin Stint (Butch Klein) took this as a good sign when he found it in his Sunday crossword on Day 1 of the shoot!
Co-creators/Producers (Lane Allison & Sara Lafferty) celebrate Day 1 of the shoot. We couldn't be happier with our cast and crew - quite a successful first day!
Our amazing Director of Photography (Devin Cutter) focused on the action.
Behind the Scenes of Pilot episode Day 1 shooting. Cast & crew hard at work. Couldn't be more pleased w/ our team!
Our "Truman"/Director (Lane Allison) and DP (Devin Cutter) discuss the next shot.
Our 2nd AD (Valeria Costa), prepping for the day - such a champ!
Our Boom Operator (Mark Harbeke) goes the extra mile to get the job done.
"That's Lunch!" -- and what a fabulously delicious one! Thanks to our chef, Smithers Lafferty, who made us a yummy homemade taco bar.
Our "Ian" (Christopher Carver) keeping in his character's head space between takes.
Our DP (Devin Cutter), Camera Operator (Andrew DiCristina), and Gaffer (Jhonny Sarmiento, outside the window) set up for the first shot of the day, as one of our Producers (Sara Lafferty, in mirror reflection) captures the behind the scenes magic.
Our "Ian" (Christopher Carver) takes a moment to discuss his After Pluto journey for our Vlog (coming soon here on our website).
Some of our crew on Day 2 of shooting the Pilot. We are so grateful to all of them!
Jaqueline (Kate McIntyre) may not be able to serve the prop cake, but she does serve up amazing talent, as our Camera Operator (Andrew DiCristina) and our DP (Devin Cutter) capture it all.
Our Gaffer (Jhonny Sarmiento) bounces the light from outside, as our Camera Operator (Andrew DiCristina) and DP (Devin Cutter) check the framing for Wes (Griffin Burns) & Holly (Jill Fouts), who are poised for action.
All focus is on Jaqueline (Kate McIntyre) as the scolding voice of Mom rings out from the kitchen.
1st AD (Cory Wang), DP (Devin Cutter), Camera Operator (Andrew DiCristina), Sound (Mark Harbeke), Gaffer (Jhonny Sarmiento), set up for next shot with our adorable 2nd AD (Valeria Costa) standing in for Nina.
Our Camera Operator (Andrew DiCristina) goes above and beyond his duties to help get the perfect shot of our Holly (Jill Fouts) putting the final touches on her BFF's Birthday gift.
The Welles Family Matriarch: Jaqueline (Kate McIntyre) looking resplendent, even between shots.
Our DP (Devin Cutter) in concentrated genius pose. ;)
Nina (Jennifer Sorenson) and Holly (Jill Fouts) reminisce as they prepare for the "surprise" party.
Camera Operator (Andrew DiCristina) and DP (Devin Cutter) prep for next shot.
Our Script Supervisor (Brian Wittig), PA (Milo Saarinen), Gaffer (Jhonny Sarmiento), and 2nd AD (Valeria Costa) are practically dead ringers for our actors (Jennifer Sorenson, Griffin Burns, Jill Fouts, and Kate McIntyre) as they stand in for them. :p
Day 3 Slate/notes, carefully kept by our 2nd AD, (Valeria Costa).
Graphic Designer (Mark Harbeke) & Photographer (Violet Schrage) are proud of the "Addison Chase Chronicles" series by Truman Welles.
Nina & Jaqueline (Jennifer Sorenson & Kate McIntyre) want answers from Truman (Lane Allison).
Holly (Jill Fouts), Wes (Griffin Burns), Jaqueline (Kate McIntyre) & Crew members, (Andrew DiCristina, Devin Cutter, Mark Harbeke prep for the "Surprise".
Clockwise from top left: Ian (Christopher Carver), Jaqueline (Kate McIntyre), Holly (Jill Fouts), Wes (Griffin Burns), Nina (Jennifer Sorenson), and Truman (Lane Allison).
Andrew DiCristina, Jhonny Sarmiento , & Devin Cutter in between set ups.
Behind the scenes several crew members pitch in to create light rigging magic.
Script Supervisor Brian Wittig is always at the ready!
Behind the Scenes as Truman and Ian (Lane Allison and Christopher Carver) try to get a private moment away from Jaqueline and Nina (Kate McIntyre and Jennifer Sorenson).
Crafty by Chef Smithers Lafferty and Sous-Chef, Sara Lafferty.
Co-Producer, Sara Lafferty has another project due out April 2017 w/ Smithers Lafferty "...and baby makes three" due April 2017!
Ian (Christopher Carver) stands by as Director (Lane Allison) and DP (Devin Cutter) check the light.
Truman and Ian (Lane Allison and Christopher Carver) square off.
Sound (Mark Harbeke) 2nd Camera (Andrew DiCristina) and DP (Devin Cutter) capture the magic.
Thank you, Violet Schrage for taking BTS stills for us! What a fantastic Big Sister to Director, Lane Allison!
Day 4 & we finally get to capture the fabulous Sara Lafferty in action as Charlie Rose - well worth the wait!
Our Director/Truman (Lane Allison) and Wes (Griffin Burns) run lines for the next scene.
A moment between set ups.
Co-Prod/Charlie (Sara Lafferty) and Camera Assistant/Gaffer Swing (James "Claibourne" Gillum) watch as our Writer/Director/Co-Prod (Lane Allison) tightens the blocking on a scene.
Charlie (Sara Lafferty) can't resist seizing a photo opportunity.
From L to R: 1st AD (Cory Wang), Camera Assistant/Gaffer Swing (James "Claibourne" Gillum), DP (Devin Cutter), and 2nd CamOp (Pete Howell) get prepped for shooting the action from above.
Truman Welles (Lane Allison) takes a reflective moment.
From L to R: PA (Sam Beeler), 2nd AD (Valeria Costa), Camera Assistant/Gaffer Swing (James "Claiborne" Gillum), & Script Supervisor (Brian Wittig) also make great stand ins...or in this case lay ins?
From L to R Charlie (Sara Lafferty), Truman (Lane Allison), Ian (Christopher Carver), & Wes (Griffin Burns) discuss Truman's options while taking in the evening sky.
Holly (Jill Fouts) graciously gives her co-actors an eye line as DP (Devin Cutter) shoots the scene.
Set up for stunt begins!
Stunt set up continues with Prod. Mgr. (Park Wyatt) at the helm for safety.
Annnnnd Action successfully "rolls" and wraps on our stunt sequence/final scene of production!
After Pluto pilot episode screening, held the day before release on YouTube!