"After Pluto" pilot has been recognized by multiple film festivals

Just as best selling author Truman Welles settles on the next chapter of her life, a tragic accident strips 10 years from her memory, forcing a universal rewrite.

Lane Allison
Lane Allison Truman Welles
Christopher Carver
Christopher Carver Ian Barnes
Griffin Burns
Griffin Burns Wesson “Wes” Welles
Jill Fouts
Jill Fouts Holly Craig
Sara Lafferty
Sara Lafferty Charlie Rose
Jennifer Sorenson
Jennifer Sorenson Nina Welles
Kate McIntyre
Kate McIntyre Jaqueline Welles
Deb Snyder
Deb Snyder Phylis Frink
Butch Klein
Butch Klein Justin Stint
Tiffany Commons
Tiffany Commons Diane Montgomery

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Lane Allison and Sara Lafferty
Lane Allison
Devin Cutter
Lane Allison and Sara Lafferty
Sara Lafferty
Mark Harbeke
Lane Allison and Sara Lafferty
Park Wyatt
Cory Wang
Valeria Costa
Jhonny Sarmiento
Greg Baker
Rommel Suniga
Mark Harbeke
Andrew DiCristina and Pete Howell
Tony Nocerino and James "Claibourne" Gillum
Lane Allison and Valeria Costa
Mark Harbeke
Brian Wittig
Milo Saarinen, Bryan Filippelli, Sam Beeler, and Aaron Grant
Smithers Lafferty